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Glass Fence Clamps Glass Clamp

DIY Glass Pool Fencing Glass fence clamps or glass gator clamps as they are sometimes called are the main bracket point for any frameless glass fence. The clamps can usually be secured by either cementing them into the pavement or be affixed to the structure via stainless dyna bolts.

Its very important to use similar metals for fixings and fittings as to avoid corrosion issues, so be sure to discuss this with your glass fence supplier upon purchasing your glass fence clamps. Glass Clamps are fairly easy to install and are usually tightened up via an Allen key.

Certain brands such as the commonly known Gator Glass Clamp, allow for for approximately 70mm of space under the fence to make cleaning the glass panels easier.

The best thing about Glass Clamps is that it makes replacing a glass fence panel easy work and very few tools are required. Don't forget when you are ordering your glass clamps for your glass fence to ask for a letter of compliance from a Structural Engineer as it will likely be required for council approval.