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DIY Glass Pool Fence Materials

Glass Materials

As you can see from the Glass Pool Fence Types there are 2 types of Glass Pool Fences.   Semi Frameless and Framless, both types of glass pool fence can be installed by using a Do it yourself fence kit, also known as a DIY Glass Pool Fence Kit.

Toughened Glass

Toughened glass is physically and thermally stronger than regular glass.

You should ensure that the DIY glass fence kit panels are Toughened Glass.  Toughened glass panels are designed to withstand a higher heat then normal glass sheets and will withstand sudden changes in temperature, for example what happens with your kids start splashing the glass pool fence on a very hot day?  Normal glass will also not likely cope with kids slamming the pool gate, it always happens.

When you order glass, you should make sure you are getting the right thickness of glass sheet.  Glass to thin will cause your glass pool fence to crack or possibly shatter,

Semi Frameless Pool Fence (8mm)Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fence - DIY

When ordering a Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fence, you should make sure you are getting the right thickness of glass sheet.  Glass to thin will cause your glass pool fence to crack or possibly shatter, 6mm glass is not recommended by most companies as being suitable for glass pool fences.  It is recommended that you use 10mm thick glass for sheets up to 1.6m in length.

While this type of glass pool fence is supported between posts, there are companies that will sell you 6mm glass.  Glass pool fences that break all the time because the glass is to thin will no doubt become not such a cheap idea after all.

Frameless Glass Pool Fence (10mm)Frameless  Glass Pool Fence

Frameless glass pool fences are self supporting usually by one or 2 mounts on the bottom of the glass, the glass itself needs to be very thick to ensure its strength in high winds and not to mention when people lean on the pool fence or when the youngest one of the crowd runs into the fence with his or her bike.

In the case of the frameless glass fencing there should be no substitutes, the websites we visited in doing our research and the professionals we spoke to, all recommend 12mm glass as a minimum for frameless glass pool fences.  Again this is a must scenario for toughened glass.

Fastners - Using Stainless Steel (316 - Marine Grade)

Stainless_Steel_Bolt -DIY Pool Fence

There are various types of fasteners that can be used when securing your glass pool fence, the most common and certainly the most recommended is stainless steel.

All screws, dynabolts and some mounts are available in stainless steel and while you will pay a deal more for them, they are worth every cent when it comes to not having to clean up horrible and unsightly rust marks.

Some people will argue that gavanized will do, well they will do for a time but nothing is better then 316 stainless steel.  Especially if you have a saltwater pool.  Saltwater is one of the most corrosive elements on the planet, given enough time salt water will eat through anything.

316 Stainless Steel is more commonly known as marine grade stainless steel.  You may find that your DIY glass fence supplier might not supply it, but a quick search on google should lead you to someone who can.

304 Stainless is the standard grade, used in hospitals, showers, toilets and similar, 316 will cost you more but is designed for the purpose of surviving regular contact with salt water and salt water mist.  It is also easy to polish which makes it perfect for your glass pool fence.