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DIY Glass Pool Fence - Glass Fence Posts DIY_Glass_Fence_Posts

When it comes to Glass Pool Fencing there are really only 2 types of choices in terms of posts for Semi Frameless Glass Fences, which are Stainless Steel or Power Coated Posts.

Choosing which glass fence post to use, will most likely be governed by your budget. If you are looking for a particular color then perhaps powder coating fence posts may be an option for your pool fence design.

The effects of pollution, dirt , Ultra violet light, dirt, grime and of course salt mist can all build up on your glass fence posts.  Powered coated posts are a great choice to avoid the maintenance of polishing stainless posts.

Cleaning glass fence posts should be done every six to 12 months.  Stainless posts can usually be cleaned with stainless steel polish.  Powered coated posts should be cleaned according to your warranty, if you DIY Fence it is likely that you will need to clean your posts straight after installation.

This is best done with a wet sponge, use a soft non abrasive brush or cloth, mild household detergents will also help remove any deposits.

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