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The Beauty of Glass Pool Fencing

Beauty of Clear Glass FencingPool fencing is highly recommended for houses that have a swimming pool right in their own backyard. However, there are different types of materials such as glass, wood mesh or steel that can be used as fences. Let’s take a quick look at their pros and cons shall we?

  • Mesh pool fencing - usually made of aluminum, can be easily removed, allows one to see through the fence, and is powder-coated with the owner’s desired color. The downside here is that the mesh tends to lessen the aesthetic beauty of the fenced pool.

  • Steel pool fencing - made of steel, permanent, allows one to see through the fence, and powder-coated with the owner’s desired color. The downside here is that steel fences tend to give a severe look even after it has been painted with bright or attractive colors.

  • Wood pool fencing - made of wood, cheapest among all the fencing materials, permanent and aesthetically appealing to the eye. The sad part here is that the climate can cause unwanted damage to the wood, like warping or deterioration. However, this need not be the case if you do want to have wood fencing. You can have the wood pretreated to protect it from harmful climatic effects. The visibility through wood fence can be quite difficult depending on the style of wood fencing used.

  • Glass pool fencing - made of glass, permanent, affordable, see-through, and aesthetically appealing. You can choose from frameless, framed, and semi-framed models. The downside? None whatsoever, except for maybe the fact that you might be enticed to take a dip in the swimming pool instead of doing your household chores.

Overall, glass pool fencing wins hands down with regards to affordability, safety and aesthetic value. If your pool isn’t fenced yet or you’re planning to change your pool fence, glass pool fencing might just be what you need.