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10 Reasons to use a Glass Pool Fence

  1. Appearance, glass pool fence and glass fencing in general is certainly more attractive then the traditional aluminum fencing for around your pool or entertainment area.
  2. The view, in most cases the view is the most important thing around your swimming pool, meaning the view from the house or the view from the entertaining area.  When you’re spending so much money to make a beautiful back yard why not spend the money and get what you really want.
  3. Options, there are many variations of glass fencing and the most common two are either Semi frameless glass or frameless glass.  Frameless being the more expensive of the two, talk to your supplier about all the options.
  4. DIY Glass fencing, there are many companies offering DIY glass fences these days.  Glass fencing now being a DIY product, it is virtually within everyone’s price range.
  5. Modern, due to more manufactures and technology in roads, glass fences are being used by many architects.  If your building a pool or spa area then a glass fence is a must have to keep your home modern and your architecture flowing.
  6. Transparency, toughened glass fencing is crystal clear to see through, which means you can see your children no matter where they are in the swimming pool, providing supervision and safety.
  7. Versatile, Glass fence panels generally come in size ranging from 300mm – 2000mm which means there is a glass fence panel for every application.
  8. Compliance, Glass fences can comply with Australian Standards 1926.1,
  9. Freely available, Glass fences are available to be used in every state in Australia, installers can be found in almost every town and Glass DIY kits can be shipped to any town in Australia.
  10. Highly recommended, many swimming pool builders will recommend a glass fence due to asthetic beauty, any pool with a glass fence around it will always look better then one without.